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October 19th, 2012, 17:04
Originally Posted by pibbur who View Post
I'm not sure I (actually I'm certain I don't) understand you, here. We're planning to return the astronauts we're sending there to earth. But that was perhaps not what you were talking about?

pibbur who is troubled because moving to Mars on't solve the Sun-becoming-a-red-giant problem in 5 billion years or so.
NASA is working on getting a ship there. The problem is there is only fuel for a one way trip so the ones sent would have to build a habitat while supplies are sent. That's the current problem.

It would take 10 years from earth also just to gret there. The trip would be with volunteers with nothing to lose. The goal is 25-30 years from now. I have a feeling it will be longer as NASA's funding was revoked and slashed.
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