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October 20th, 2012, 11:26
Yes, inserting "own" NPCs and objects like chests, swords and freepoints into G3
was possible since the early days of analyzing the genome engine.

So why re-releasing a tool which automated NPC cloning in april 2009?
With the only guy using it -besides me- being WernerTWC (hi, Werner;-)

Especially when it does not even have a re-edit nor an undo feature?

Find the answer for yourself or simply don't use it;-)

For the two others who might be interested I'll give a short overview
on how to use it.

*** W A R N I N G !! ***

This version of the Duplicator is not fully tested.

So before starting a 50h games sessions including the creation of
hundreds of savegames you are urgently requested to delete the
lrentdat (created by duplicator) from your Gothic3 directory.
You HAVE BEEN WARNED! Use it on your own risk!

After having unzipped the Duplicator_v.28.zip in a folder of your choice
please start the Duplicator.exe and open muster2.src which is containing
this bunch of entities (taken from the SysDyn-lrentdat):

1 Entity: Pedar
2 Entity: Beard_Head_01_Fat_01_S00
3 Entity: Hair_Head_01_Fat_01_S00
4 Entity: Head_Fat_01_S08
5 Entity: Fat_Body_Smith

6 Entity: G3_Object_Interact_Animated_Unique_Mage
7 Entity: G3_Object_Interact_Animated_Chest_Unique_Weapon
8 Entity: G3_Object_Interact_Animated_Chest_XXL

9 Entity: It_1H_Sword_Long_01
10 Entity: It_Sword_PureOre
11 Entity: It_1H_Longsword_01
// freepoints
12 Entity: Pace
13 Entity: Pee
14 Entity: Trader

15 Entity: Dragon
16 Entity: BlackTroll
17 Entity: Cow

We will change Pedar's look, give him a new position and a new FreePoint.
Also we will place and fill a chest with some items.

So here we go:
  • choose Pee in the 2nd combo box and press the edit button ('E') right to it.
  • In the 'new positions' combo choose _Pee_Pedar then change the angle
    beta () to -150.0 (degrees).
  • Select the GuID an press ctrl-c (we'll need this one for Pedar).
  • Press the 'ok' button.
  • Pedar is shown in the upper combo; press the 'E' on the right side.
Waow, now concentrate yourself!
  • First paste (ctrl-v) the GuID into the first of the three edit boxes in the
    Work/Relax/Sleep section at the bottom.
  • Then paste 117C5DB3D5C05E48828B5CD2A8F03964 (the Anvil) into the second
    edit box and 470F46AD2DF8DD45ABCE4431181C10DA (Pedar's bed) into the third one.
  • (Mark the existing entries with the mouse so that they can be overwritten.)
  • So Pidar will "work" at the Pee-FreePoint and "relax" at the Anvil
    (I exchanged that for testing reasons only)
    and at 0 o'clock he will go to sleep until 6:05 or so.
  • Then at the top change 'Pedar' to 'Pidar' (harhar), press the 'Hair' button.
  • 'Myrtana_0x' is pre-selected; choose 'Myrtana_04_01' in the upper combo and
    set Material to 1, check the 'Hair' box and change the voice to Warrior_Dumb.
  • In the "Change Head&Body" section change head to 'Hero_01_S4'
    and the body to Body_RebElite; set the body material number to 2.
  • Change the Spawnposition by selecting '_way_2_Pedar' in the
    "use new position from coords.ini" combo box.
    (>>>open the combo and select an entry to get the coords applied)
  • then press 'ok'
  • Now choose 'Animated_Chest_Unique_Weapon' in the "Choose Entity" combo box.
    In the 'new positions' combo choose _chest_Pedar then set beta to 20.0.
    You might change the Treasure set1 to 'small'.
  • Then type 'TS_MyOwnItemsxx' into the edit box below the treasure set combos.
    (Overwrite existing string). Press 'ok'.
  • Now choose 'Sword_Long_01' in the "Choose Entity" combo box; press 'E'.
    In the 'new positions' combo choose _some_Weapon_stuff, change the coords to
    61400.0 19825.0 96950.0
  • then press 'ok.
  • Same goes for the 'Sword_PureOre' (without changing the coords).
  • Choose the Dragon in the NPC/Monster combo, press 'E' and give it the position
    _Dragon. Same for the BlackTroll and the Cow with their corresponding positions.
  • Then press 'ok' then (source) 'save' and 'Quit'.

Copy the created G3_Nordmar_01_FireClan_NPC_01.lrentdat to

[Drive]:\GothicIII\Data\Projects_compiled\G3_World_01\Nor dmar\FireClan_City\

and start the game.

(If it doesn't work for u you might try the lrentdat in the zip file.)

(If you want to see new items in the chest you must copy
Plunder_Chest.lrtpldatasc and Plunder_Chest_TS_MyOwnItemsxx.tple
to [Drive]:\GothicIII\Data\Templates\Treasure\Chests)

Choose a savegame which brings you near to Pedar (and Pidar) or in marvin mode
type 'goto Pidar'.

Severe warning: after having edited an entity and pressed 'ok' you should NOT
touch it any more

Not all hair meshes are proper therefore the PBs often replaced them by painted hair.
So hair mesh and painted hair maybe incompatible optically.

To change the Items in the chest you'll have to overwrite the item GuIDs at the
addresses 0x37E, 0x433, 0x4E8, 0x59D, 0x652, 0x707, 0x7BC in the

shak-otay, October 2012


1) What could be of interest for texture modders:

using your own texture should work like a charm (although I didn't test this, hehe).

No need of cloning a body-tple, no new line in a lrtpldatasc-file -
no change time trick:

just create your own G3_Human_Paladin_Body_Diffuse_S5.ximg
and enter a '4' as material switch number into the duplicator.

(As I always said: wherefore do we need these f.. tples?)

The only restriction consists in preserving the naming; only the Sx may be changed!

2) Pee_Pedar not being primary used by Pidar although it's his Working point might
be caused by a missing NavMap entry for the Pee freepoint.

(When the PC_Hero occupies the free "Stand" freepoint (north to the LogStand)
you will experience Pedar using Pee_Pedar.)

3) not a bug:
To reduce my efforts some entity names (like Fat_Body_Smith of Pedar for example) are not renamed
which could lead to confusions for someone analyzing a *.src file.

Same goes for the zeroes at the end of the file.

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