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October 20th, 2012, 21:22
I think it looks quite decent even without walking animations if they make the camera smooth scroll. Some nice lighting and other effects can be seen. I think it looks about as good as the latest Spiderweb games overall, if not better. Sure, some aspects are worse (like the per tile camera movement), but others are better and overall it's solid.

Having funny looking graphics with serious themes in the story is nothing new to video games. Warhammer anyone? Or games in general even. Lots of funny pen and paper RPG art around. Same for all the wargames using super deformed art style for the unit figures. Adventure games also often look funny with serious stories. Serious or not it's the text that will give off most of the mood when the graphics are this low-fi.

Anyway, it looks like they've already developed a lot of the game. Their Kickstarter page has lots more information than those bullet points too, they mention having 20 cities, 100 dungeons, NPCs with daily schedules and AI that has them report you to guards or attack you when appropriate, loads of already implemented spells in three different schools, hand crafted everything rather than generated environments, etc.
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