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October 21st, 2012, 13:41
I'm playing more and more the TDE "Herokon" Beta from day to day - not regularly.

It really shows that it is a Beta, as seen in some buggy quests, for example, but it is still kind of fun to play.

What disturbs me a bit is that even in the Beta the Meta-Currency of "Platinum" can be bought … Via RL-money, of course … I had rather expected this to be done only in the final game …

Last night there was quite a pleasant time with playery admitting they were in the RL age reagion of 30+ … I hope that it won't become trashed down when the whole game becomes public …

Even in the chat we often try to write IC (In-Character). That's fun, imho.

My character - and Elf, of course ! - can be seen here : https://board.herokon-online.com/ind…8566#post38566
He is called Aldarion, after his current pen & paper role-play

Edit : The only real problem are the chat discussions about MMOs : Because it is by rule forbidden to write the names of other MMOs, writing them can lead to a chat-ban …
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