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October 22nd, 2012, 09:55
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
While I did not expect it to be nearly what he promised it to be, I did at least expect the core thing which he kept talking about during the entire design process (even near the games release) to actually be there. He kept on talking about choice and how you would have an impact on the game, how it was up to you to decide how the story would progress, so I expected there to be plenty of interesting choices & multiple pats through the story. Instead we got a cartoonishly evil and a sickeningly good option, and they both followed the same story.

I played the PC version, and it was a bit longer than the Xbox version (it had that extra part at the end), but I never actually finished it. The game simply got too repetitive and boring. I like the art style and the not so serious tone of the game, but that was basically it, the rest of the game was just underwhelming. Not horrible, not very good either.
I learned many years before to discount Molyneux and his ability to bullshit. All the way back to Populous 2 and later Dungeon Keeper.

As for Fable, I think it had a wonderful charm and a very immersive fairy tale quality. It didn't hurt that they hired a Hollywood composer for the excellent score.

I loved how you could freely combine powers from the 3 paths - and I found the storyline quite well done. I especially loved the "Gothic" stuff like the werewolves. The Demon Doors were great fun and I was always a big fan of riddles.

But I'd have been incredibly disappointed if I had trusted any of the earlier previews - because it was extremely hyped, all the way back from when they called it Project X (or something?!?!). It was supposed to revolutionise all RPGs and so forth. Typical Molyneux bullshit.




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