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October 22nd, 2012, 11:01
I usually only play RPGs or strategies, but thought that Dishonored is one of those games everyone should try. The mechanics and combat are interesting and fun and I'm sure you will enjoy testing yourself in different ways against mobs. "Force" throw your enemies, slow down time, choose excellent melee, use a fast shooting crossbow, pistol and, without exaggeration, come up with much more strategies.

As mentioned, the game could be better, but I think you will greatly enjoy it regardless. For one, it's pure fun but also Dishonored has elements from several genres(action, adventure, stealth, RPG, FPS) and as a devoted fan of RPGs, I was satisfied. Dishonored is also one of those easy to play games that you can periodically play between sessions of serious RPGs that have flawed combat and mechanics.

One huge plus about it, and I have to admit it applies to all Bethesda games I've played, is that Dishonored is not demanding system was and runs very smoothly. Loading and saving, launching or quitting is very quick, no lag, no extensive list of graphics options (I think there's only several), and in general an extremely stable and fast game. This, combined with a short learning curve and great gameplay, makes Dishonored a pure pleasure to play.
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