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October 22nd, 2012, 17:38
Originally Posted by VDweller View Post
Are you going to claim that it's vaporware in every AoD thread, Barkey?

From earlier threads:

"still disappointed with all these content updates and still collecting preorder cash. not ponying up a penny until this is released. "
^ Yeah, I hate detailed content updates too.

"not bothering because i dont think this game is ever going to come out. nothing but monthly BS updates and no real commitment to a release date. no thank you."
^ Nobody responded, so you decided to type it again and add a warning to raise the stakes?

We've released two demos. Do you really think that after getting that far (engine, all systems, etc), we'll just stop one day because what? What would be a good reason?
Originally Posted by VDweller View Post
Your opinion doesn't bother me. Naturally, I read all AoD threads on the Watch and you're pretty much the only guy who consistently claims that it's vaporware.

So, I thought I'd finally ask why.
i am excited about new and innovative rpg games as much as you are about creating them. my suggestion as stated before is to set a public release date, or at least an internal one so you have goals to reach for. I wouldnt be saying this for an open source or non paid community project, but you are already collecting preorder money since april and a vague release date of 2013. for that, you OWE the community at least a carrot. at least narrow it down to a quarter period in 2013.
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