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October 22nd, 2012, 18:32
Originally Posted by Lemonhead View Post
i found this interesting:
[Marceror] Are you going for a more open feel to the game (ala Baldurís Gate 1) or will it be more like Baldurís Gate 2, where you basically couldn't turn around without bumping into a quest of some sort?

[Adam] We were just talking about this on Wednesday. We definitely want to have wilderness areas like in Baldurís Gate 1. We want to encourage exploration, but itís definitely not going to be as aimless as it was in Baldurís Gate 1, or as tedious. We want to make fewer areas, but have more content in them, and make them a bit more focused.

Peronsally I want the exploration to be more like BG1 than BG2.
Agreed. One thing I loved about BG1 was just picking a direction and going exploring.

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