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October 22nd, 2012, 19:24
Originally Posted by Cm View Post
Anyone remember the average rank our Friday toons should be at? I know I was behind a bit but don't want to get ahead by a ton either.
The magic number shall be 56, and 56 shall be the magic number. I believe you and Master Corwin are rank behind while Az is 1 rank ahead (we expected that with him running 1st lifers). I don't know how far Peter has gotten—he was 57 when I took inventory on Friday, but was pugging something the other day while JM and I ran Ataraxia (with Az's level 8 pale master) to catch up from rank 54. It doesn't really matter, although I worry he might have to run some quests for 0XP since he won't be able to take level 12 before he bumps 13. As long as he's OK with that potential "penalty", his free-lancing doesn't really affect the group in any way. Ataraxia is the "designated catch-up area", BTW.

We also did a lot of work in Red Fens during that session, but not with Friday toons. As soon as Jm and I hit rank 56, we swapped to other toons to stay even with the group.

Plan for this week:
1) Red Fens flagging quests
2) Red Fens grand finale quest
3) Take level 12

@Sherwin- rank 56 qualifies you for level 12, but we have to complete Red Fens before taking the level or we'd break our bravery streak. There's some really good item sets available in Red Fens and we'll guest pass you in if you want to join in. There is a healthy time investment since you only get a chance for the second half of each set after running the 4th "finale" quest. We should be able to blow thru the flagging quests in roughly 30 minutes each, but the last quest usually takes over an hour even when you know what you're doing.
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