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October 22nd, 2012, 21:33
A TR2 will get 1.5 ranks from all Red Fens quests. I can do that and still be within level 12. So leveling after Red Fens should be good. My paladin only did Vault of Night 5 since we never run raids in the guild. The group he played in failed in Von6 because one of the 12 managed to summon a black pudding. The pudding attacked the pillar all the time and broke the prep. After the 4th prep attempt the clerics were out of mana and we decided to just leave. So the morale is to never bring summons to Von 6.

I will redo Von 5-6 later, but it's no hurry since Von 6 elite won't give much XP. I hope to get to a group with Von 5 normal and Von 6 elite. I can find those at level 15+ easily. Von 5 elite you rarely see above level 12 due to the bravery bonus. You can expect 40-60k XP from Von5 and only 4-6k from Von6. So getting the bravery bonus for Von5 is really a must.

My cleric is already level 12. He completed Red Fens last Saturday and will be almost at the same XP level as my paladin will be after Red Fens is completed. I guess we go to the desert after Red Fens? Those quests are level 10-11 so we can be level 12.

I think you can do some quests, Cm, to get to rank 57. You will probably get 2 ranks since you're only a TR1). I think it doesn't matter if those of you who sometimes fall behind play a little extra and get a rank or two more than us. Usually we catch up so it's good to have a buffer.
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