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October 23rd, 2012, 12:28
I agree that the non-continuous map structure was bad for immersion. But it also made it somewhat easier to explore in bits - as you knew exactly how much was explored at any given time.

First person is indeed better for exploration - but I don't think it's essential. It depends on the game and what it sets out to do.

As for PE - I think it will be a fine game - but I'm not buying into the whole "it's straight from heaven" thing. Not only has Obsidian never been good at developing under deadlines/pressure (judging from the results) - but they're also targeting first half of 2014. I just don't see a truly deep/complex CRPG happening in that time - without it being either vitally flawed or massively bugged.

If they DO manage to pull it off, I'll gladly eat my hat for doubting them. It would also go a very long way for proving the kickstarter model - and I'd definitely be strongly motivated to go all out on supporting similar titles.




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