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October 23rd, 2012, 22:42
Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
It is a fun little game , i played up to mission 2 but then lost interest because stealth is too freaking hard and just killing everybody is too easy also i hate the whole "whale" thing .
Well, the Heart mentions that the whale flesh is "enchanted", so it might be different than just fat. It also glows.

On my first playthrough right now and I had so much fun in killing indiscriminately that I continue in this way. Characters have different reactions to this and, though I'm not certain, there might be more significant consequences. If you're murdering people left and right, the reaction of the child princess is particularly sad . It's also thought provoking, since in your unconcerned use of power corrupts the princess, who would soon reign as the empress.

There will be more choices after the 2nd mission that you will need to make. Though you do not have the opportunity of shaping your character through dialog skills, you can do some through your actions. The Outside said that the whole city watched in hunger and envy while the rich where having the masquerade party. He wondered if you'd end the party in bloodbath. It's tempting to do so and, unlike in many other RPGs, you can act this way with appropriate reactions from NPCs.
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