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October 24th, 2012, 11:39
Well, I believe that what you write about is just one aspect of RPG gaming.

I see it so that there re lots of different kinds of players who really like to play RPGs "their way".

There are kinds of players derived from what you see in pen & paper RPG groups :

- number-crunchers
- combat-oriented
- storytellers/storyplayers
- those who rather concentrate on playing out the mood, the emotional impact of a scene, playing out the skills, and who are ot so much interested in rule systems at all.

You can see a good breakdown of what player types exist here : http://www.larian.com/forums/ubbthre…990#Post416990

My belief is that "the industry" is nowadays rather supporting distinct types of players.
And, consequently, they leave others out, because it would be imho hard to fit both types into the same game.

Games like "Realms Of Arcania" - you won't find them. At least not produced by bigger names.

One could see that as "streamlining", or "making RPGs more efficient", to me it's rather like catering a specific group of players.

Skyrim et. al. is to me rather oriented towards players of shooters. 3D, FPV, so much. There's no display of numbers, you don't know much about the system internally works, there is no visible dedicated rules system.

This way of playing also suits those o rather play ou their actions than do some "number-crunching", so to say. Both groups might overlap.

A way of still being rules-heavy but sill not presenting the game as such re imho the Drakensang games. You can access the information needed for your number-crunching lust at any time, yet it looks like smooth 3D game, ven in real tim, although it internally really is turn-based (imho really sad that they did only implement RTWP; turn-based like in TOEE would have been peefect for this game !).

The new rise of that few "old school" games through Kickstarter etc. only shows for me that there is a kind of fashion in gaming going on right now - and "old school RPGs" certainly isn't one of it.

A related discussion : http://www.larian.com/forums/ubbthre…gonew=1#UNREAD
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