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October 24th, 2012, 19:40
Originally Posted by Gaxkang View Post
I think we may be working on different definitions of 'hub'? IMHO just returning to the same place after a mission is not really a hub, even though there is a fixed merchant there. As for a 'ton' of sidequests . the only one I can think of that is not simply a minor variation on the way to finish a mission (or something inane like 'enter the art dealer's house'), is Granny and her distillery idea.

Again - not trying to diminish the game - it is great fun, and I would recommend it without being in the proverbial $5 bargain bin.
I don't know what a hub is - if it's not where you travel and "do business" between levels. That's certainly what it usually is in games of this nature.

As for sidequests - I'm talking about all the optional quests you can do for characters, including the Granny quest you mention. It's specifically listed under sidequests - and I assume the game keeps serving you that kind of mission?

Anyway, it's hardly too important. We're both recommending it all the same.




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