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Default Why is there no challenger for Skyrim?

October 24th, 2012, 22:35
Hello. I have been thinking about this recently so I thought I'd post and see what you guys thought.

Can someone tell me why there is no competition to Skyrim, or Elder Scrolls games in particular? Why are Elder Scrolls games (and recent Fallout games) the only first-person open-world RPGs on the market?

Shouldn't there be competition? You would think with how many copies Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim have sold, that there would be other companies out there trying to make first-person open-world RPGs. You would think they would have saw around Morrowind's time, or even Oblivion's time, that these types of games attract a large amount of people.

Yet here we are near the end of 2012, and no one else is making first-person role-playing games. It's baffling to me. If it wasn't for Bethesda this style of game wouldn't even be on the market right now.

I personally think there is a huge door just waiting to be walked through. Someone needs to develop some decent lore, flesh out an open-world and make a game to challenge the Skyrims of the world. I think another first-person open-world RPG series would be great. It would give us some diversity. Yet no one is making them.

I also think the market is very fertile for a more "nerd oriented" first-person open-world RPG, such as Morrowind. You know, tons of armor slots, tons of spells, tons of guilds and different ways to play the game, etc. Something still accessible but just nerdier in every way than Skyrim. I think there is a market for that, I really do. Maybe that just comes from wishful thinking that someday we will see a spiritual successor to Morrowind.

Ken Rolston agrees with me. He said there is a demand for a game like Morrowind to be made, yet be made more accessible. There really is. But Bethesda is probably not going to make that game at this point. It would be up to someone else to do it. Hell, maybe I'll do it. Yeah, I think I'll start laying down some ideas for a nerdy first-person open-world RPG. No one else is doing it, so why not?

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