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October 24th, 2012, 21:55
Thanks for those links. Those could come in handy and they look really good. Maybe I'll go see if Barnes and Nobles has them or even the local library.

Aesthetics is proving to be an important factor, as I knew it would, even though its not the lions share of work. Well it is if you consider how much modification needs to be done on it. Gimp and Audacity are my friends!

I am working on audio and that brings a whole lot to the game. It makes it seem alive and a lot less sterile. Unfortunately, it doesn't lend itself to updates. Just in play testing I can already seeing where things can be more exciting by adding dynamics. I might give every creature an introduction sound and I might give player weapon attacks to overlay the monster portrait.

Finding free works in sound for commercial use is difficult. Freesound.org and a few other sites is really helpful but what makes them difficult is the various licenses you have to mire through. I have to keep on top of these authors who want attribution and insist on a link back to the place I got them. Its going to make a heck of a credit list.

The other thing too is audio can take up a bit of memory if you're not careful.

On the way I have found some pretty good ambient music I'll try out. I'll have to include some controls on it - people won't want to listen to it all day.

I've discovered Kevin MacLeod's work which he gives away with Creative Commons license, and many of it original. A lot of the work I do for including media is just finding the right ones to use.

Combat is coming along slowly. It works in a very simplistic way - the Armor HP's aren't calculated yet but I should have that in a day or two.

On this version of the game I'm thinking doing it of one player one monster . There is a system in place already to expand it to multiple players (the player being used is actually player[0] of the party object) but that increases the complexity I'd have to track, particularly inventory.
The inventory system is going to be a pain. Three of the inventory slots include Weapon, Armor, and Shield. But what to do if the player wants to drop stuff or store them? I'll have to create some sort of storage object that can hold a stack of items.

As for a store, the premise of the game is the player is trapped in a dungeon so city market place don't make a lot of sense. Underground nomadic dwarfs caravans then? Maybe..maybe not.


One thing that has the Android development community frustrated is that Font sizes won't adjust themselves dynamically. This forces the developer to check for the size of the screen at the creation of the Activity and set the text views accordingly. I could create a number of picture fonts for the preset phrases and numbers instead but this seems like a real headache. Having 26 pictures for every letter of the alphabet and 10 numbers and some punctuation..oy!
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