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October 25th, 2012, 02:34
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Isn't that pretty much what Oblivion and Skyrim are?
Not really. Oblivion and Skyrim went a different route from Morrowind. I think there is room for a Morrowind spiritual successor. Something that doesn't strip away aspects of Morrowind, but adds even more.

Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Ken Rolsten's last game caused hundreds of layoffs and a bankruptcy. Can we trust what he says anymore?
What are you talking about? His last game was great IMO. It's not his fault 38 Studios went bankrupt. Far from it.

Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
The reason is that these games are extremely challenging to make, especially to make them run on consoles with all that persistent data.

An experienced team that has already developed several of these games still takes four years to make each sequel.

The reason Obsidian was able to develop Fallout New Vegas in two years was because Bethesda had previously dedicated so many years toward developing and refining the FO3 engine.

With Skyrim's success, perhaps we will start to see more of these big open world RPGs from other developers, but to do it right takes several years, and most large publishers are simply not willing to commit to that, not to mention the challenges of making them run on consoles with 256MB memory. Should be a bit easier with the next gen consoles, however.

In my view, BGS achieved that with Skyrim. It is like Morrowind in many ways, but more accessible.
The games may be extremely challenging to make, but it's still odd to me that not one other company has even attempted one. I agree it's a daunting task, but as you see from Skyrim, you can reap huge rewards for it.

I wouldn't expect the first game from a new company to sell as much as Skyrim, but if it's a good game that shows a lot of good qualities, it will sell, and it will more importantly build a base for future games, much like Daggerfall, or Morrowind did for Bethesda. But in order for that to happen, some company has to take a chance and actually give it a shot.

As for what they achieved with Skyrim, Skyrim is a great game. One of the best ever really. But it's still not a spiritual successor to Morrowind. Skyrim has much less guilds, less armor slots, no spellmaking, the world is not static, lack of hand-placed loot, lack of dice-roll skills, etc.

My idea would be to take the ideas in Morrowind and expand them even further. More legendary items, more hand-placed loot, more dice-roll skills, a somewhat static world, more guilds, more everything.

It would probably be a nightmare of a game to make, but I think it could be done.

You did bring up a good point though. I'm very excited to see what happens with the new generation of consoles. I'm hoping more first-person open-world RPGs can be made with the new technology. I wouldn't mind playing games that are trying to compete with Elder Scrolls.
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