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October 25th, 2012, 09:37
It was a blast, but then I wasn't expecting a hard core RPG, there fore wasn't trying to pigeonhole it to everything RPG. Seems to be doing rather well, which I'm glad Arkane deserves a hit. Dishonored The low negative scores seem to be from trolls, one gave it a 0.

It does most defiantly has choice and consequences, based on your playstyle. There seemed to always be 2 side quests on each mission. I never play evil so, can't speak for the psychopath style play though.

It's Half-Life, Steampunk, Bioshock, Thief and Dark Messiah. After playing two games I went back to try DXHR had to stop playing it. The game play is just so much smoother in Dishonored. It took me much longer than 18 hours, probably closer to 40. I played Non Lethal and Ghosted, but I still like to take all enemies down. Especially for the sake of completion, without being seen or detected. There were a couple of missions with non hostiles I left conscious.

It's certainly not perfect and if your expecting Arx Fatalis 2, don't bother. I've seen others criticize the graphics and looks before too, but I don't get it. How dare there be faded textures in Steampunk?

I just love the art style and some of the paintings of the women are just knockout gorgeous. Arkane should open a Steampuck themed costume club in Austin.
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