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October 25th, 2012, 11:02
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
WTF are you smoking. He was the CEO and is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in the company he owned. This is the kind of shitty attitude that's responsible for the fucked up economy and country.
Geez Thrasher, eat some of your own comment and at least provide some evidence when you try to correct someone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/38_Studios


For what it's worth, it was Jennifer Maclean.

As crpgnut hinted at, I remember when Two Worlds was released it was billed in parts of the gaming media as the "Oblivion beater". Truth be told, they were still very different experiences and for me not really comparable.

I think finding a publisher to compete with the financial and technological might of Bethesda is alot to ask for, but absolutely agree with the OP that it's something the market could certainly use, if only to lift the potential of first person role-playing games even further.

Oh and nice post there Nev, good to see you around again.
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