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October 25th, 2012, 10:47
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
After playing two games I went back to try DXHR had to stop playing it. The game play is just so much smoother in Dishonored.
In Deus Ex you had a 'safe area' where you could plan your approach to the level. In Dishonored the guards can be right in the area transition point, or the patrol can go there if you don't teleport out quickly before thinking about what you're going to do with the level. +1 to DX:HR

In Deus Ex the guards followed set patterns. In Dishonored, many move randomly, which just leads to pointless, frustrating, luck-based reloads when they turn around after 1 second as opposed to the 4 seconds you observed on the last few patrols. +1 to DX:HR where the patrols are set, and the skill is in properly planning your moves, rather than relying on lady luck and F9.

In Deus Ex if you one-shot a guard with a quiet ranged weapon and are in cover, the other guards didn't know where to go. In Dishonored, a shot will result in you being charged by the entire batallion unless you multi-blink the hell out. +1 to DX:HR

In Dishonored non-lethal you have to carry your unconscious bodies for miles otherwise they will be found (or will die from falling etc). In DX:HR there are clearly rooms that are 'off limits' to the guards, so the game doesn't make you feel like an undertaker. +1 DX:HR

These are all minor nit-picks but they're why I wrote that DX:HR was a little better for me (and that's before you count the deeper themes, non-lethal being merely an option, and beefier RPG elements).
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