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October 26th, 2012, 04:25
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haven't checked in a while, is it set in stone that the 'mmo' part is full open pvp? It's the only thing keeping me from pledging.
It's not really a "mmo" part. They are just going to run their own multiplayer servers. Anyhow, here is what Chris says about PvP (quotes coming from Kickstarter comments section). I guess that modded servers could disable the full PvP.

Q: JHewett Hello all I have 1 BIG question. I used to play freelancer and this seems like the game I have been waiting for (for sooo long). The thing is - I used to play mainly solo. I get what you are trying to do with the persistent world etc, but I don't want to die because I suck at PVP. So - here is the question. With the private server option, will I be able to experience the full game (minus multiplayer elements) in terms of open world exploration and trade?.

A CR: On your own server yes. If there aren't real players available the universe server will populate the battle instances or space locations with NPCs. I'm brainstorming here (so don't hold me to it) but it should be possible to run your own instance as essentially a SP game with the client and server on both on your machine. This is the way CryEngine is set up anyway - even the demo I showed, which was SP was running under a server client set up. Doing this would allow you to train before getting into the universe with other live players. But I have to add that there will definitely be areas in teh persistent universe that you will be safe from PvP
On PVP its going to be organic. There wont be any disabling of the possibility of this, but if you try to take out someone in a heavily policed system (say in the main parts of the empire) you wont last very long as the full force of the Empire will come down on you, plus the game will put a bounty on your head and every other player that wants to earn a credit will be on your tail ( unless you can hide your tracks with an electro-skin :-) )
Of course if you venture into the outer edges of the galaxy there are no checks or balances on PvP - the strongest will win and beware pirates!
Also, the last Kickstarter update had a link to pledge ships information.
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