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October 26th, 2012, 21:05
Ornstein and Smough was the hardest boss for me, tried alot of times solo and got my ass handed to me. Eventually I decided to summon solaire and then I beat them a few tries after that.

Rolled a Temple knight now in Demon's Souls, seemed like a nice choice statwise and also since he starts with a halberd. I played with the gargoyle's halberd ever since I got it in Dark Souls and finnished the game with it. The long reach of it just rocks. Are there any good halberds/longreach weapons like that in demon's souls that scales with strength?

Also managed to kill the tutorialboss after like 10 replays haha, had to remake the character everytime but it was totaly worth it. Feels so good when you finally play just right.
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