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October 26th, 2012, 21:47
Originally Posted by DarNoor View Post
Brian isn't messing around with this one.
He can deliver the goods since he already has the funding, and his "bosses" are in fact the fans who funded him and not some suit bureacrats of a publisher.

In order to please a boss that is a publisher you have to make the product as cheap as possible, as fast as possible, and with the most potential to sell to every crowd.

In order to please a boss that is a dire-hard fan you just have to make a product that is good for the fans and keep him in the loop with sneak-previews that he likes.

This is how games should be done. Funded by the fans, with no publishers that like to set the rules. A direct channel between the gamer and the developer is the way to go imho.

Brian is the right guy in the right project with the right bosses. Very little can go wrong and i'm realy excited about this one.
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