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October 27th, 2012, 04:39
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
I'd say that we'll know if Kickstarter is really the beginning of something new when this game and others come out via this avenue. If they really kick ass, I suspect some publishers will be crying to their mommies.

It will be hard because we all know that in this industry a lot of the publicity and visibility are payed in big dollar bills to big review sites where a lot of people go to check for new stuff. In fact most of us already know how exactly reviews are made in the top visibility sites…

Coincidently, after the big initial rush for kickstarter campaigns, it's been amazing how the realy big review sites started to ignore kickstarter more and more and started to pretend it isn't big news for the industry. Since i don't believe in coincidences, i smell foul play already.

Fortunately from time to time it pops up a "big name" developer from old times sponsoring a new project and then kickstarter comes back alive a little bit, like its hapening now with project eternity from obsidian, for example.
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