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October 27th, 2012, 07:11
Originally Posted by Xian View Post
Downloaded from Steam while I was at work. Just getting ready to check it out. Even if it is just more of the same, I will still like it. That says something - after playing KB:TL, KB:AP, and then playing KB:AP again with the Crossworlds expansion, I still was wanting more. I am usually tired of most games after logging that many hours.
I'm exactly in the same situation - the first thing I did after finishing KB: The Legend was starting the new game again with a new class. I spent hundreds of hours with The Legend - I finished the game with various classes and on different levels of difficulty 5 times and at the end there were still some aspects of the game didn't discover on my own (i.e. hidden treasures, special spells, artifacts). Same was with Armored Princess and pirates theme and medals for achievements…. Crossworlds was just like a mod and was way too short. I'm sure that Warriors of the North will give me heaps of fun and satisfaction after discovering all hidden treasures and completing all quests.
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