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October 27th, 2012, 19:39
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Is it as immersive as the first Risen game?
I would answer 'Yes' to that question. Caldera (where you start) is quite small and linear. But it's also quick to move on from there. Once you get to Tacarigua (sp?) and out of the initial area where your ship lands, the map really opens up for some exploring. The Sword Coast, where I am now, is also very fun to explore.

Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
How does Risen 2 stack up? Are they even similar at all?
Both games are similar and Risen 2 is actually quite fun. I won't know if R2 is better than R1 though until I finish R2. There are a handful of very minor design choices that I don't particularly care for - but they are minor. There are two design choices that I've encountered so far that I don't care for which I'd classify as 'bigger' complaints. One is the island structure of the game. I prefer a contiguous game world. If you're gonna have islands then let me control the boat and get to those islands myself. Second, I didn't like the many quests on The Sword Coast where I had to follow other NPCs. First, there were just too many of those kinds of quests and secondly, I prefer to explore at my own pace and the NPC follow quests had me running all over the island willy nilly - I personally just don't like that. I don't want to be held captive to 'follow the NPC' in a game like Risen 2. I don't mind that a little bit, but in my view it went way too overboard on The Sword Coast.
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