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October 27th, 2012, 20:45
Originally Posted by human_male View Post
I play on the 360 and I just can't get over how bad the graphics are.
I'm from the generation where for a long time playing a CRPG meant accepting the notion that the game would be 5 years behind then-current action games in the graphics department.

However these days, graphics quality for CRPGs have gotten a lot better compared to their contemporary 'actiony' counterparts.

That said, if I was stuck playing Risen 2 on the xbox360 I'd probably not complain so much about the graphics though I'd certainly still notice the awefulness of it - because decades of accepting 'bad graphics' for CRPGs is sort of built into my blood now.

On the flip side, if you can mentally downplay the graphics and focus in on the gameplay I think you'd really like the game. Even back when Ultima IV was released, its graphics were very ho-hum compared to games on the C64 and NES. But it was the complex gameplay that really pulled you in. If you can let the Risen 2 gameplay pull you in, you might just like it despite the crummy graphics.
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