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October 28th, 2012, 02:23
I always call Gianthold "Fallout". When you are there, you'll see why.

As expected, among the "spooky adventure packs" there are - seemingly - the Necro packs, too.

Since I have everything except Necro 3 they don't show up in my DDO store, except Necro 3.

The other pack I saw was … I think it was "Harbinger of Madness", but I'm not sure anymore …

Edit : The DDO store even lists them :


Delera's Tomb

Necropolis, Part 1

Necropolis, Part 2

Necropolis, Part 3

Necropolis, Part 4

Harbinger of Madness
They are all 35 % off, so.

I'm thinking of buying Necro 3 - it isn't worth much, everyone says, so why should I pay more than this discount ? I thought.

I think I must buy points again, because Harbinger Of Madness is said to be quite good, too … And this Wraith companion …

(The word "Harbinger" always sounds to me like an Bavarian name … )
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