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October 28th, 2012, 09:14
Cleve's update #4:

This may not mean much to a lot of people but I have spent all weekend getting the build running solid in the Visual Studio 2010 C++ Compiler. This is a pretty major step forward because the general debugging, error trapping and trace facilities in VS2010 are lightyears ahead of the VC6 C++ compiler I have been using since 1999. The STL implementation is so much improved it isn’t even funny.

Shams and I are now sharing an integrated code base in SVN which makes certain we don’t break the build, don’t lose any source code and are continuously improving the build from one day to the next. This is the way adults run a software project and the funny thing is that I have known the right way to do it for 20 years. At work I have done it this way and at home I have pursued a different process, one which wasn’t very productive.

One of the big hurdles to compiling in VS2010 is that I had the author of Fastgraph warn me that the graphic libraries might not run correctly or reliably in anything above VS2005. For this reason I have had to stay with this fossil compiler for 12 years, for fear of not being able to compile Fastgraph. Turns out with a few compiler switches set correctly it runs fine, perhaps even better than it did before.

The upcoming demo is going to be very stable because of these changes and a lot of bugs are practically eliminating themselves now by simply being noticed instead of flying under the radar. The VS2010 compiler warns constantly about variables that have not been initialized, memory not released or pointers with bad values.

All of Shams fixes, all my fixes over the past couple of weeks and the fixes of this weekend are now consolidated in one build that is running really well.
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