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October 28th, 2012, 08:47
Originally Posted by KnightPT View Post
Even if that's true, the excess funding part, i see no problem using the money to anything they believe it will make the game better, as long as every feature they promissed will be in the game, with no excuses of being short on funding nor anything else.

The fans funded the money they wanted based on the promissed features the game would have, if they even had excess funding then by all means its better to put that money into a science consultancy firm than to raise their monthly wages and keep the money in their pockets…
They believe it will make the game better or know they can deliver on it.
Hiring a consultant team, reaping the production, and staging situations to show that indeed some money was put into hiring a consultant team is something that can be delivered for certain.

Considering how expensive a game developpment is, any money in excess can be used on other games features that would indeed make the game better. During a video game developpment, there are so many opportunities that raising their monthly wages and keeping the money in their pockets is down the list. They were many other uses before introducing that option as the one to be.

Time is catching on old school gamers as games will not be that old school, including many new school features.
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