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October 28th, 2012, 14:50
I still use WINXP.

My TP is something in the mid-200s, so I can't say whether I'll be able to buy Harbinger. I'll see.

As a notice, doing The Red Fens twice in a weekend is too much for me. I notice it. I feel kind of exhauusted and almost burnt out from this weekend - I really can't say how much I'll play within the next days, but enough is enough - I need a pause of several days.

I did Enemy Within with a PUG - which was VERY exhausting. On elite difficulty, of course *sigh* - and they got me by surprise just after I had finished my Cleric's level 12 levelup.

I died several times. In traps. By frost shamblers. Without the Druid it would have been a wipe, I guess.

I was taken by surpris that I couldn't turn these "Frost Shamblers". It made me angry, too. I had invested SO MUCH into being ableto turn anything undead AND THEY RESIST ME ??? Finally I had to battle them in close combat. And died because of some BEEEP arcanes of their kind. And the traps, of course.
Defeating the end bosses (don't want to spoil anyone reading here) was relatively easy, compared to that. Which had surprised me, too.

Then the group wanted to do Dreams Of Insanity. Sourcerer had to go soon, so we evaded everything until we were in the building, then he gave us lots of buffs (very noble, I must say !), and then went away.

The quest was a moderate success. No deaths until … everything went wrong. 2 survived.

But instead us carrying us to the next resurrection shrine, they all dropped. OIne after the other, the half-zerger first. The the ones with low health. Then the dead ones. Last remaining was me and a ggood Rogue, both dead, and we chatted a tiny bit on how surprised we were that they all had left. The quest would have been a success if they had carried us to the shrine I could see on the map (it was already halfway behind us). But no, they dropped instead.
Then I got the red connection error sign, added him to my frioends list, told him how sorry I was that it had turned into a nightmare, and that I'd have to restart my whole PC. He was okay with that and then I restarted.

This was the "PUG time" I had told about before going to the Fens to have been *very* exhausting for me. Therefore I just didn't want to use skype. I'm a little bit more sensitive, and needed a bit more time to recuperate from this. The use of Skype would have just added to the sensory overload and I'd have to drop much earlier.

Now, the main thing I'll be doing today if fine-tuneing my Cleric, and doing the levelup for my Artificer. And get his end reward.

Thank you all for the run yesterday - it was very fast and very smooth. I apologise for having started The Stand a bit too early.

Edit : A dev's view on the Mabar Bug : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…&postcount=422

Edit : A little bit more : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…&postcount=443

Edit : Was barely able to buy Harbinger, thanks to my Artificer's Red Fens run.
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