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October 29th, 2012, 10:46
They need to make the 10% bonus for no deaths apply individually. It applies to the group because they wanted to encourage grouping and teamwork, but instead the opposite has happened. It has encouraged soloing and selective grouping. That was a sticking point when we first started, actually. There were always some form of arguments going on about the 'penalty' for bringing in newbies. Even on normal.

The real problem is the excessive xp increase on TR, particularly 3+ lives. This means people want to maximize their xp gain per time spent, which makes that 10% and that streak ever more important to them. Given that EDs, on the rare occasion that they work correctly, give far more power than the miniscule TR benefits, I think they could simply eliminate the TR penalty, and that would encourage both much more TRing and more grouping since no one would really be overly worried about XP concerns.

Then they could take out the streaks, if they want, as they would be irrelevant to leveling.
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