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October 29th, 2012, 12:06
That is true, but I don't see Turbine remove the extra XP needed for TR's. They need to sell XP tomes and potions to make money.

Initially the bonuses to XP was made thinking that regulars would run normal, TR1's hard and TR2's elite. Then the bonuses would compensate for the extra XP needed to get to level 20.

The problem is that ALL types of characters want the elite XP bonus. The end result is that first lifers advance much faster in level than before. The TR1's advance as normals did before and TR2's advance like TR1's did.

People don't like to grind XP so it's natural they want to do quests on elite directly instead of doing normal, hard and elite as they used to.

Regarding the big XP grind needed for TR's at level 18+ (TR1) and 16+ (TR2) I think it can be fixed by changing the XP awarded for high level quests. I think that quests in e. g. Cannith and Shavarath give far too little XP for the time and effort needed to complete them. You get much more XP for easier quests like Lord of Dust chain. It doesn't make sense that the tough quests in Shavarath maybe gives you 10k while you easily get 20k+ from Lords of Dust. Lord of Dust is faster too. The reason is that we can run lords of Dust on elite, but Shavarath is so tough so we have to run on normal.

I think Turbine should let all TR's get the XP cost from TR1 and not use the TR2 cost. Then the XP needed to get to 20 would be manageable.
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