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October 29th, 2012, 14:52
I've been loosely following the game since 2006, and think it looks quite promising.

There are definitely going to be "real" RPG elements in the game. There's a quick shot in their GDC 2008 presentation movie which shows a stat screen, I only remember the Reload skill, though. The game will also have a system for upgrading weapons (and possibly gear, I don't remember the details).

For popularity/money - they've made quite a splash a few times, and recently got Greenlit on Steam, so I think 600k is possible.

For those sceptical and/or not willing to spend too much on new Kickstarter projects, there's always the early bird tier ($10) - the game for half the launch price

As an aside - they've also mentioned Deus Ex as an inspiration.
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