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October 29th, 2012, 17:09
Originally Posted by gozioso View Post
This is absolutely hysterical, coming from a guy who is making a game which is basically a knock-off of Crusaders of the Dark Savant. You would have to be completely and utterly prejudiced (or blinded by hatred for Sir-Tech) to not see how much of a massive improvement Wizardry 8 was over it's predecessors:
Stay calm while I shoot your points down:

+ True 3D environment
> 3D isn't a WIN button; it doesn't magically make anything better just because

+ No more annoying random battles
> calling them "random" is a stretch. You could avoid them if you cared

+ Wonderful (and at times hysterical) character voice sets
> Most were abysmally juvenile with crap humour

+ Good music
> Strawman to bring up "good music", as if W7 had abysmal music.

+ Superb interface
> If W7 were made 9 years later, it too would have superb interface.

+ Oozes charm (subjective)
> Why even bring up an aspect you admit to be subjective in a list that you so claimantly make to emphasize improvements?

+ Classic "Old school" mechanics wrapped in all of the trappings of "New school", i.e. automapping, quest journal, right-click help text, etc.
> See the above point about the time between the two titles

I can't see myself ever playing a game like Grimoire (my contempt towards the author aside), because it represents such a massive regression in gameplay.
You don't even know what the game is like as you apparently haven't checked the video. There are numerous improvements, as others have pointed out. You are making this personal. Cleve must have offended you deeply.

There is something fundamentally wrong with most of those Codexians. They same to believe that if a game isn't a massive inconvenience to play, then it isn't a real game.
There is something fundamentally wrong with most of those Watchers. They seem (same?) to believe that if a game doesn't play itself while you watch, then it isn't a real game. ]( They also seem to believe that if they don't make sweeping hyperbole statements, nobody will even read their insignificant drivel, which is actually true as if it weren't for your uninformed post, I wouldn't even be here now, replying to you )


I've mapped out my fair share of dungeons and filled out many reams of notebook paper over the years. Quite frankly, at 40 years old, I'm through with that shit. When a game starts to become like a job, then it's just not fun for me. I would rather spend my time enjoying a game's story and character progression than waste hours on forced tedium. I'm quite happy with the automapping, fast travel, quest markers and other conveniences that make a game a game. I play games to get away from work. Wizardry 8 was a huge step in the right direction for me. Your mileage may vary…
In other words, you have grown old and senile. Time to lock you up in a nursing home, oldfart.
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