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October 29th, 2012, 19:10
Basically what bloodlover wrote. Weak story after a good premise, few interesting characters, idiotic behaviour was the norm, rarely any suspense, not much action. Only Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace had a couple of good scenes. Looked great though.

Six Bullets
JCVD rescues a teenage girl in Eastern Europe. A bit too long, the best scene right in the beginning, but apart from that a solid B-Action flick. A better routine product, if you like cheap violent movies.

Stash House
A B-thriller with our favourite Swedish tank as the villain. Only one location, but competent visuals. Also standard stuff, but after the slow beginning it actually creates some suspense. So I guess it's quite okay for this genre.

The Expendables 2
Faster, harder, more than part 1. And also more campy scenes, much more oneliners and more Arnie and Bruce. I liked JCVD as Vilain. (Yes, that's his name.)
I think the slower first movie was better, but this is certainly the most spectacular B-action flick in years.

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter
Highly polished trash. Story, suspense, gore and interesting characters were polished away. Mildly entertaining as a popcorn action flick.
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