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October 30th, 2012, 00:17
I am saying that 15 dollars are too much for a project looking that indy to attract a lot of people and that 15 dollars are definetly above my "impulse purchase" grade - and I'd consider that being a good thing.

We are not talking about an AAA title price like 50€ for xcom.
We are also not talking about an kickstarter project promising to be a AAA title like Wasteland 2 (15$), Project Eternity (20$) or Shadowrun Returns (15$).
Or a very promising indie kickstarter title like Xenonauts (20$) or maybe M.O.R.E. (10$).

It's about a game, where there is a slim chance that I will have fun with it for more than a couple of hours. And in this very case I would not have spent more than 10$. Of course you can argue that is all about supporting developers, but well…I got a limited amount of money to spend.
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