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October 30th, 2012, 02:34
It's a neat project and I'm watching it too, but there's no need to get hostile to someone for stating a preferred lower cost for entry on this one. This game looks like a lot of work went into it and it looks like it might be fun, but $15 is a hard sell for me too, here. No offense to the developers, but that's simply how it is. If my $15 ends up being the breaking point in the last hour, I'm in. Otherwise, I'll wait for it to show up for sale, hopefully on sale. Their Kickstarter IS going well, though. I imagine they'll reach their goal and then some.

PS: And I got Avernum for $3.39. <3 Steam sales. It's regular price is $9.99, BTW. Referring to Vogel's premium pricing on his own webstore is kinda disingenuous.
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