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October 30th, 2012, 02:45
Hi everyone! I have an RPG for mobile devices that is reaching the end of its development cycle. I think it's a pretty cool little dungeon crawler! You can check out some of the early videos of it at questlord.com.

Now keep in mind, this is an indie game and made just by myself. No huge team here. But the price will be nice (cheaper than a candy bar and cola!) and I think it will bring a lot of enjoyment and nostalgia for fans of 2.5d dungeon crawlers. In the last year I had an opportunity to spend a ton of time to make a game I wanted to play…so I took it. This is a huge labor of love that I am really pleased to soon be able to share with everyone.

The game is a single player(party of 1), and optimized for simplicity so that it is perfect for your mobile phone but it has a ton of depth to it. It will play on tablets too but I recommend the smaller sorts, like the Kindle, Nook, or iPad Mini.

Coming out really soon! So I created a sign up email and in the hopes of getting that moving I have a really cool contest. Your chance to have an NPC named after you or your gaming character. Whichever fits best. (This week only, not next week…going content complete soon) Plus some cool pixelated buttons/pins of the in-game icons, which really transcend any RPG and show your appreciation of cRPGs of old ! (they look great on a jacket!)


thanks and take care!
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