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October 30th, 2012, 05:38
I've been dual booting win 7 & 8 for some time now. Preview copy of win 8 and now the retail copy.

They both seem the same performance wise but I have a ridiculous system so your mileage may vary.

If your happy with 7 I see no reason to update to 8. I only upgraded because I have a rare disease that makes me upgrade everything PC as soon as it's available.

I will say after having learned the win 8 shortcuts I find navigating it very quick compared to 7 and find myself booting into 8 more and more and leaving 7 behind. To be fair though I never took the time to learn win 7 shortcuts because everything seemed more intuitive so if you like to navigate your os with just the mouse 8 will seem tedious. If you use keyboard shortcuts it wont.

I've been using apps on my Note, Ipad and Google chrome for a while now so the Win 8 apps are a welcome feature, although other than evernote and a surprisingly good bundled sports apps it's slim pickins right now.

I have yet to try a game win 8 won't run but I haven't tried anything dated yet.

Overall I'm surprised to find myself enjoying windows 8 and will probably delete my win 7 to free up the raided ssd's its running on.
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