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October 30th, 2012, 14:25
From all I've seen there is no reason to get win8 at all. It's not cheap and I really don't see anything revolutionary or better than win7 already has.
Unless you just bought the laptop with two displays (one inside and one outside) where one works as a touchscreen/tablet.

A few more notes…
sakichop, that disease is not rare.
badmofo, I think I understand your pain, I don't have iPad but iPhone, and all I can say is that OS on it is definetly retarded so no wonder Samsung smartphones sell better than iPhone lately. I mean… For example to reset bloody powersaving settings that got messed up for whatever reason (so Viber doesn't ring on my iPhone if it's "sleeping" etc.) I should first crack the OS and then delete certain files so OS will refresh those by default ones. There is no actual option or something, in the end it all comes to plain hacking. And that's just one of unbelievable annoyances that I got on it.
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