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October 30th, 2012, 17:13
"If only somebody could record these brilliant Kwanstainian observations for posterity. Alas, they are bound to vanish amidst the thronging sea of limbs that is the Congoid buttsex apocalypse soon to overtake your once-great land. If only we could locate a brutha that wishes to act as stenographer at the head of the train you will be pulling. 'Last words, cracker? They're greasing up.' 'I would like to say for the record that Von Braun compromised himself with his work on the V-2 program.' 'Got it, beeyotch. Will go into your personal record. Okay, drop your pants, got a homey on deck.' " - Cleveland Mark Blakemore

Just google his name or his more common handle "texasarcane" in the survivalist world. You'll not lack for trash to read for a fortnight.
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