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October 30th, 2012, 17:32
In the last 5 years they delivered 4 games Iīve enjoyed (DA:O, ME1-3), which is more than I can say about any other developer out there .

In my book, there are two "career peaks" of Bioware - the first one being around the time BG2 was released, the second by the time DA:O and ME2 were out.
Moreover, even their latest game, ME3, contains some material that belongs to my all time favourite moments in gaming - resolution(s) to genophage and, to a slightly lesser degree, geth/quarian story arcs + some minor but really cool stuff like shooting bottles with Garrus or Conrad Verner side quest.
All in all, personally I canīt say I really mind what they "have become", though I do think they fucked themselves up with Dragon Age series.
Having a modern-yet-sorta-oldschool fantasy franchise on one hand and a cinematic streamlined action-y sci-fi one on the other seemed like a great recipe for AAA success to me, by the time both DA:O and ME2 were released.

I suspect thereīs a good chance ME3 will end up being their last game I was interested in, but, well, itīs not like theyīre the last remaining RPG(-ish) developer.

Anyway, cheers for BG1-2, DA:O and ME series from me (ok, for KotOR2 and especially Mask of the Betrayer too, I guess).
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