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October 31st, 2012, 16:59
Originally Posted by sea View Post
Yeah, I've heard it's quite buggy but also a bit boring. Apparently there is a ton of backtracking and something like 9/10 enemies you fight are undead. Not sure who to believe at this point but I'll definitely be waiting until it's a bit cheaper.
It's not buggy. After 6 cleaned maps I had only 1 CTD.
Selling stuff is bugged but you perhaps won't notice it as you'll donate items to valkyres instead of selling them. And collecting crystals counter gets stuck, not a biggie since you miss only +2 to intelligence.
That's it.

There is no annoying backtracking because, as we said, you get wings early so you can quickly get back anywhere if you need to (and you won't need to).

9/10 undead enemies is true as the story is about the undead invasion. Wouldn't the story be a fail if there wasn't so many undead? I mean where's the invasion of undead if there are no undead?
Boring perhaps to some, to me the game is not boring and can't stop playing it.
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