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October 31st, 2012, 17:26
Originally Posted by Pladio
I just found the Phantom Menace good

Jake Lloyd ("Whoops!" Ha ha my sides have split at his antics).
Tatooine (yet again. Does the Empire/Republic only contain like 3 planets)
C3PO and R2D2 (Darth Vader built Threepio. How many droids in this galaxy? 3, like the planets?)
Jar Jar Binks (and the rest of his ridiculous race). Let Naboo burn.
Palpatine looking and sounding exactly like Sidious but its A MYSTARY WHO HE IS.
Amidala and her stupid double routine.
A plot based around taxation. Even economists like me don't want to watch films with taxation in them.
Jedi who can now do crazy kung fu moves and leaps unlike in 20 years in the future when Luke's around, at which point they move like normal humans.
Mitocholianianiunians. Hey, whats your mitacholroiniconian count?
Calling Darth Vader "Annie".
Virgin birth - there was no father. Sure there wasn't, Schmi.
The name "Phantom Menace" which sounds like a Marvel baddie.

Oh god where do I stop. It's the worst film in a rubbish trilogy of rubbish.
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