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October 31st, 2012, 18:14
Originally Posted by coaster View Post

Jake Lloyd ("Whoops!" Ha ha my sides have split at his antics).

Tatooine (yet again. Does the Empire/Republic only contain like 3 planets)
Was probly done on purpose to revisit planets. People would have said the exact opposite otherwise. Why didn't we see the old planets again and how they were before ?

C3PO and R2D2 (Darth Vader built Threepio. How many droids in this galaxy? 3, like the planets?)
Add character from previous movies is an easy way to keep continuity. Doesn't make it better or worse, does it ?

Have you not liked any sequels to any other movies in your life ? Should they scrap actors from previous movies ? Are there only 2 detectives in the world ? (Lethal Weapon series)

Jar Jar Binks (and the rest of his ridiculous race). Let Naboo burn.
I was 10 when the movie came out and so I found Jar Jar very amusing. I liked the big Naboo people too.

Palpatine looking and sounding exactly like Sidious but its A MYSTARY WHO HE IS.
That's obvious to the viewer, but not to people who cannot see him in every scene and do not talk to him.

Delete all non-jedi related encounters with Sidious and you're left with maybe 2 or 3 scenes.

But yeah, his voice is a bit too close. Anyway, it's like saying that the Gothic actors in the game reduce your fun form the game because 50 people are acted by 10.

It didn't for me.

Amidala and her stupid double routine.
Don't remember what you're talking about.

A plot based around taxation. Even economists like me don't want to watch films with taxation in them.
Didn't care. Made for a simple premise.

Jedi who can now do crazy kung fu moves and leaps unlike in 20 years in the future when Luke's around, at which point they move like normal humans.
Attribute it to the imbalance of the force. No more jedi, too much evil. Or you can attribute it to the fact that making special effects like that in the 70's was too expensive. Or you can explain it to lack of training (no more Academy, remember).

Mitocholianianiunians. Hey, whats your mitacholroiniconian count?
If you forget the old movies existed then the question is, why don't they exist in the second trilogy ?
But yeah, that was a bit annoying nonetheless.

Still, for me at 10, that was really sci-fi like and fun.

Calling Darth Vader "Annie".

Virgin birth - there was no father. Sure there wasn't, Schmi.
It's a fantasy movie… You accept people who can alter other people's minds but not virgin births ? Any reasoning to this ?

The name "Phantom Menace" which sounds like a Marvel baddie.
So ?

Oh god where do I stop. It's the worst film in a rubbish trilogy of rubbish.
Your points are all very biased and only because you probably have a nostalgic feeling about the old movies.

I'm not that big a fan, but I am sure you can find 100s of inconsistencies and idiocies in the old trilogy too.

Instead of being angry, you should enjoy. It's a fantasy world, so everything is possible.

I liked he Phantom Menace the best. I didn't like the other two because I found the romance to be annoying. I don't like it that every single movie needs it to attract the girls to the movies too. Anyway, the old trilogy wasn't bad at all and was fun too, but if you really believe there are no inaccuracies or strange plot points then you are sadly mistaken.
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