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October 31st, 2012, 19:38
Pladio - yes it is probably my age (41) - I am nostalgic for the old movies and saw the new trilogy in my 20s, certainly old enough for me to be a lot less forgiving. So I do pick up on perceived flaws which you let pass. Plus I'm a grumpy middle aged bastard generally

The Jake Lloyd comment was because they'd made a menacing villain in the original trilogy into an absurd child doing a slapstick routine. He takes off in a ship by accident, lands on the droid ship by accident, destroys it by accident ("whoops"). They'd established he was a good pilot in the pod race - doing this whole routine with the Naboo fighter in the droid ship made him look like an idiot (albeit a lucky one), out of his depth, not skilful at all.

Jake Lloyd in general was miscast I think - he was too nice and cutesy to be Anakin, his personality changed completely in the second film, plus the age difference with Amidala was weird. He should have been in his early teens in the Phantom Menace, which would have made it more credible that he'd have started developing piloting skills and would probably have had access to a bigger emotional spectrum than Lloyd had, who was pretty much one-note cheery moppet kid throughout.
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