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October 31st, 2012, 18:47
All depends on your build, but the "best" spells change as you progress. At the higher levels (which you're starting to scratch), monsters often have fire resistance. I had pretty good luck on Phuury emphasizing negative energy and force. Magic missle, chain missle, and force missle don't do tons of damage, but they cast very quickly, don't use much mana, and nothing that I know of has resistance against them.

Don't know if it's different for sorcs with their limited spell slots, but I figure you want to have two damage types that you emphasize. Since fire gets a little dicey, maybe you replace that with acid. Another one to consider is sonic—kinda like force spells in that there aren't a lot of spells to choose from and they don't do tons of damage, but the stun effect off a simple sonic blast can be surprisingly effective and very few critters have sonic resistance.

Probably better to let Az. JM, and the Old Man weigh in, though. They've got more experience with hocus pocus toons. I was forced to run Phuury as a caster due to overwhelming peer pressure.
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