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October 31st, 2012, 20:24
Well I just got a job with Intel

Its a long commute so it basically means I have 12 days to complete the App.

Getting to the business side of things.

Dungeon Delvers at $1 has over 10k downloads, I'm not sure I can make mine as complex as Delvers or even what QL is doing with QuestLord.

Some of the free ones and demos have over 100k in downloads and some in the millions. It shows there's a pretty good market out there.

I'm not sure what kind of money can be made from Ad Revenue on a free game. If I do allow banners I want them in a place that doesn't hurt immersion - it would be on the camp pages where players would arrange inventory, save the game, heal themselves, look at the player map etc. It wouldn't be in combat or movement where the player would spend the bulk of their time.

My plan was to release this then leverage my experience releasing a product to market to gather crowd sourcing for a sequel.

The building blocks are there - I have some friends I could hire who would do a great jobs with original artwork and textures and maybe I could hire my brother the musician to do audio. I could even bring in another buddy to code who is a hard worker but so far is only working at Home Depot after college.

One artist is a friend that goes way, way back who I used to PnP RPG with. He's got some children's books and animation to his credit. My other friend is from college. She can code and draw but her style is Anime.

Now I can draw but its been decades since I was really serious and it would take time to get something really professional. This is why I've been using free stuff available off the internet.
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