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October 31st, 2012, 21:10
Ah, sweet lord! The horror…Mickey and Minnie as Jedi ;-) For me the rot started with Ewoks… I cannot express my …. %^#[email protected]@!!!!!&$%!! dislike of those furry little bastards. I cheered when the AT-ST's (yes! I am…was?…a SW geek.. a long, long time ago..) blasted them *pew*pew* Little furry oompah loompahs.

Like Coaster (I'm the same age the prequels did not impress, but I thought E3 was the best of the lot (esp with Yoda cavorting about like a youngling, ofc he was only 860 (?) at that point, so fit as a fiddle…didn't really need a walking stick, y'know, with the Force wafting through him. Which it obviously stopped doing later…) I think I ground several mm's off my teeth while watching E1 with 'little annie' - I kept thinking 'Daddy Warbucks is coming!. I do think there a is a lot of lore they could explore, but I fear that Disney will apply it's FeelGood Formula (TM) and F everything up (further).
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